Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lingnan Park

I'll apologize in advance for how brief these next two posts are going to be but today was a busy day and I want to get some photos up for those who are following along day-by-day with our journey. 
Today, our guide took us to Lingnan Park, which has a number of cultural and historical displays.  We got to see two different shows featuring a troupe of very young performers, which gave Melody and Jeannette's mom a taste of what Chinese acrobatic shows are like.  I especially enjoyed the finale of the second performance, which appeared to be a tribute to wheat, which is something I know wheat farmer Micah from my office at Multnomah would appreciate.  We all had fun at a play area there, as well.  Jillian once again demonstrated an unconquerable spirit as she tried to complete tasks that most would say are beyond her (and often succeeded, though sometimes with a bit of assistance). 
We had a number of very beautiful sister moments today, with fewer episodes of jealousy and positioning.  Riding in the van back to the hotel this afternoon, our guide started singing several children's songs (such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) in Chinese.  Jillian immediately joined in on all of them.  It reminded me once again that what sounds like gibberish coming out of her mouth is actually the fully developed vocabulary of a seven-year-old girl and it really made me mourn the fact that we're not able to understand her and enjoy what she has to say.

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