Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Birthday as a Muntz!

Today was Jillian's 7th birthday!  Before dinner, we let her open her gifts, starting with a silk dress for her and for Melody and some new black dress shoes.  She was really into it and was so excited for each gift.  The girls had to put on their dresses immediately and then they opened their new parasols from Grammie Joyce.  The Pleasant Goat and the Big, Big Wolf dvd from Camellia should come in handy on the plane and she insisted on carrying her new Pleasant Goat pencil case from our travel partners Steve and Elizabeth along to dinner. 
Tonight we went to a Mexican restaurant (Wednesday equals half price fajitas!) with Dale and Camellia and two other new friends, Dean and Janice from Pasco, Washington (, who also did a Both Hands project to raise money for their two adoptions here in China.  Afterwards, Jillian had "birthday cake" in the form of some bland little snack cakes we bought at the Jusco last night. 
Tomorrow is a very big day:  We will drive to Shenzhen to visit Jillian's orphanage and see the spot where she was found almost seven years ago.

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