Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Princesses Everywhere

Last Friday night, I took MelodyJoy to the Disney Princesses on Ice show. It was quite the production and I suspect there were at least 1,500 little girls under the age of 8 in attendance, princesses all. Here is a photo of our princess in front of the staging part of the ice rink. The castle behind the screen was rotated throughout the show to fit different stories, from Cinderella to Aladdin.
Thanks to a great coupon we got from Kraft, our tickets were just $5.50 each. With parking I spent just $15 for the evening. Until I decided to buy Melody the snow cone below. Yep, it was 15 bucks all by itself.


The Waggoners said...

Um, can you tell us how to find said coupon? We priced tickets in Lexington (coming at the end of the month) and can't find anything for under $40/ticket!!!

Palmer said...

Go to the grocery and check out the Kraft singles packages. Here you could get 2 tickets per wrapper for half price for a weekday performance (which is why we had to hustle to get to Friday night's show). Then we just bought our tickets at the door to avoid the service charge (and with the wrapper, you can only get the deal by mail or at the door). In Fort Wayne, about 30 minutes before showtime, the only seats left were the cheapest ones, which turned out to be a blessing since the seats were just fine and much less than I was willing to spend.