Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Hundred Bucks From Daddy

For about two weeks, MelodyJoy has had a very loose front tooth. We've played with it but without any luck. Last night, I wiggled it and thought, "It's getting close enough that if Jeannette and I pinned her down, we could probably yank it out," but it didn't seem likely to come out easily.

A little while later, Melody was goofing around, putting on a show for me, and she put one of her baby doll carriers on her head and it slipped down and banged her mouth. She got a funny look on her face and started rubbing her lips. I asked her, "Did that hurt?" and she just opened her mouth to show me that the tooth was gone!

After we showed Jeannette, she had to call her brothers and Hillary to share the news. I tried to get her to call her grandparents, too, but after three calls I guess she was all talked out. She told Jordan she thought the reward for her tooth should be "one hundred bucks from Daddy."

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