Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Decision: LePhil "Prince" Muntz

An imaginary interview, only slightly less boring than the real thing . . .

Jim Gray: Thank you very much. Everybody is on pins and needles across the country, particularly those colleges who are in the running for LePhil Muntz.

Are you ready to go LePhil? Where is the razor?

LePhil Muntz: Left it at home.

Gray: What's new? What's been going on with you this summer?

LePhil: Man, this whole free agent experience, looking forward to it. Trying to choose a college, trying to avoid getting a job.

Gray: What have you thought about this process?

LePhil: This process has been everything I've thought and more. And that's what I did a few years ago; I put myself in a position to have this process where I can hear colleges’ pitches and figure out what was the best possible chance for me to ultimately attend and to ultimately be happy. Where I can make friends, earn a degree, have fun and grow.

Gray: You weren't able to be recruited because you went straight high school from junior high. Have you enjoyed this recruiting process now?

LePhil: Actually, I think I was pretty much in denial about the whole thing.

Gray: How many people know your decision right now?

LePhil: Not many. It's a very, very small number. Just you and my 369 friends on Facebook.

Gray: Your 369 friends or your 369 friends and all their friends?

LePhil: I’m not sure. I’ll have to check my privacy settings.

Gray: When did you decide?

LePhil: I think I decided a few days ago. I had a great conversation with my mom. Once I had that conversation with her, I think I was set. Oh, and when we got the financial aid offer.

Gray: So does the college that you're going to, that you'll announce in a few minutes, do they know your decision?

LePhil: They just found out.

Gray: They just found out?

LePhil: Yeah. Yesterday when my dad called and gave them $300 in deposits.

Gray: So the other colleges, on pins and needles, they don't know; they'll be listening to this?

Gray: No, they know. Or at least the ones I remember applying to know. I think I only applied three places.

Gray: Who in this process, LePhil, have you taken advice from and who has had the biggest influence?

LePhil: I've taken a lot of advice from my friends and family. My agent, Ellen Zarfas, has been great. A lot of people that I look towards in a time of need or for advice, and ultimately they looked at me and said you ultimately have to live with your decision that you're going to make, and you have to do what's best for you, for your family and for you to ultimately be happy.

Gray: What was the major factor, the major reason in your decision?

LePhil: I think the major factor and the major reason in my decision was the best opportunity for me to live where I want to live. I also thought the environment of the campus might fit me well. And maybe I’ll play basketball, too. I have a lot of pent up hoops talent just waiting to break out.

Gray: Do you have any doubts about your decision?

LePhil: No. I don't have any doubts at all.

Gray: Are you still a nail biter?

LePhil: No, I never was. You really need to do your research a little better.

Gray: You've had everybody else biting their nails. So I guess it's time for them to stop chewing. The answer to the question everybody wants to know: LePhil, what's your decision?

LePhil: In this fall, this is very tough, in this fall I'm going to take my talents to Salem, Oregon and join Corban University.

Gray: Why?

LePhil: Um, weren’t you paying attention? I just told you why. Plus, it’s pretty out there.

Gray: What did your mother have to say about all this?

LePhil: Well, I mean, she did cry just a little and called all her friends in Oregon. So I think she’s pretty happy about my decision. She’s also looking forward to meeting Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Gray: Thanks for joining us this evening, LePhil, and good luck in Oregon. Now to Charles Barkley for analysis . . .

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