Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whether the Weather Will be Awful

This morning, I was listening to the weather report on the radio as I got dressed. A warming trend is underway here in the Midwest and so I was contemplating which clothes I could wear after a week or so of trying to always put on the warmest, heaviest clothing in my closet.

Then I heard the announcer say, "A winter weather advisory is in effect" and "Today's high will be 8 with a windchill of -2 degrees." I ran to the window. What had I missed in earlier forecasts?! Could it really be that nasty today? Then the radio went dead for five or ten seconds.

When the broadcast came back on, the same announcer told us that today's high would be in the 30's and there's a chance of snow flurries tomorrow. Whew! They had just plugged in the wrong prerecorded weather report! It's a balmy 36 degrees out right now.

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Hannatu said...

And no matter what the weather, somebody will complain! (Not saying that would be you.) But the same people who complain it's too hot in the summer seem to complain that it's too cold in the winter. But, seriously, it really is too cold right now. But the snow is beautiful!