Monday, January 25, 2010

I Had a Dream

I just had a dream that I was at a big NACAC business meeting where my friend, Sheldon Nord, NACAC's new president, was doing a Q&A about the new member-to-member portal. I was waiting for him to get hammered over a question that I knew Steve McGrath was going to ask about the portal but I was standing near the back of the room because I was a little embarrassed to be wearing a sleeveless Disney World t-shirt, so I kept my arms crossed over my chest so that maybe it would look like I had biceps. In the next scene of this dream, I was driving down the road and I saw the people from Church Art Works cleaning up after their big company garage sale. I saw Nelson Zarfas on the hillside there, so I got out of my Scion and lifted it off the street and onto the grass before walking over to say hi to him. When I got there, I was confused because there were three guys who looked like Nelson but none of them recognized me, then I realized they were just all high school students who just happened to look like Nelson did back in 1976. Dave Adamson and Mike Bartlett, wearing a full beard, came out carrying an old couch, which they set next to another one on the lawn. They then proceeded to set the couches, which hadn't sold in the garage sale, on fire to dispose of them. This really got all the volunteer firefighters in the station on the next block worked up. As the sky filled with smoke, I went to get into my car, which was now a 1930s vintage grey convertable Mercedes Benz someone was loaning me. I was going to drive back to my apartment here on campus, which evidently is located somewhere in Southern Oregon in this dream, but I was concerned about where I would park it since I don't have a garage.

I love dreams.

I'm going back to bed and hoping to have some more.


Hannatu said...

Too much pizza before bed?

Palmer said...

Yes, actually . . . I had an entire Red Baron pizza for dinner last night.

Wanda Vinje said...

That is an awesome dream!