Saturday, October 03, 2009

Reelin' In the Years

Since June 1982, I've worn this watch almost every day . . . I got it from my parents as a graduation present. A Seiko, it was an expensive gift in our world, but it turned out to be perhaps the best gift I ever got, lasting 27 years until it finally giving up the ghost this summer. I thought it would last forever. And it has convinced me that if you're going to overspend on a gift, a nice watch is a good investment.

But then I remembered that my dad had several watches and so I called Mom and asked if I could have one. This is the one she sent . . .
It's a Seiko that she bought Dad in 1984 for their anniversary. I'd guess it came from the same little jewelry store in downtown Salem as my watch did. And I'm wearing it with pride. Think it has 27 years left in it?

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Laura and Jamey said...

This is the watch that I would have chosen for you out of the watches Dad had. Thought it would fit you much better than others and looked more like you,