Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Best Buds, Abe and the Watermelon

A couple of weeks ago, Phillip's best friend from Klamath Falls days was able to come for a quick visit. Nicholas rode Amtrak from St. Louis, where his mom lives, to Lincoln and then jumped into the Scion with me for a quick five and a half hour drive to Fort Wayne, punctuated by the longest eleven miles of his life when the effects of drinking two 32 ounce Cokes back-to-back caught up with him.

After a short weekend in Fort Wayne, Phillip and Nicholas jumped back in the Scion to run back to Lincoln for Nicholas' return trek on Amtrak. They are not exactly the most entertaining travel partners:
For most of six hours, I chauffeured the two of them across state lines while they stared at the laptop screen, reading a Star Wars story written by their mutual friend, Taylor.
When we got to town, we had a few minutes to kill before the train arrived so we paid a visit to Abe at the other college in town, Lincoln College:

We also had time to view all of the historical sights at the train station itself. It was the first time I've seen a monument to a watermelon . . .
Upon further inspection, we learned that Abraham Lincoln himself CHRISTENED the town of Lincoln with the juice of a watermelon! Okay, now that's creative!

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