Monday, May 27, 2013


On Saturday, Jeannette, the girls and I had lunch with my mom. We were making small talk and I wondered which was larger in land mass, China or the US. (They're about even, if you are curious.)

After this, a few minutes later, out of the blue and for the first time, Jillian started talking about China. (I am so glad Jeannette recognized it for what it was and didn't just ignore it as random babbling...)

First she told us that her home was small and that there wasn't much food. She told us she was hungry and then said, "Very hungry." We didn't get much else out of her but it was fascinating to get a brief glimpse into her perception of her previous life. I was sad to hear that she felt hungry often  but glad to know that we might someday get to learn more about her life before us.

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