Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What happens to orphans who are not adopted?

Earlier today, a fellow adoptive parent, Shawnee Fleenor from Kentucky, wrote the following for her status update on Facebook.  I thought it was worth reposting here:

What happens to orphans who are not adopted? In many countries around the world, children without family are deeply disrespected, held in suspicion, or even considered to *be* bad luck, as in marrying an orphan brings bad luck to your entire family, and hiring one brings bad luck to your workplace -- this is the general opinion in many areas of China, for instance. For orphans with physical or mental challenges, the community spirit against them is even more intense. It is a common fate for a young adult who has grown up in an orphanage to fall into begging, prostitution, or other dangerous roles and to have no medical care, education, or people who love and care about him or her. This is, I don't know, just a "public service announcement" on my part to encourage anyone who reads it to maybe be open to helping orphans in one way or another, here in the States or elsewhere, through adoption or helping someone else adopt, through donating time or money to Christian orphanages, etc., if you aren't already involved. :-)  

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