Sunday, December 02, 2012

Introducing Jillian to Christmas

Yesterday, we put up our Christmas tree so I was careful to catch a shot of Jillian hanging her very first Christmas ornament:

We really don't know what exposure she's had to Christmas, so I used Google Translate to try to give her a little info:  这是一个圣诞树我们将装饰它。圣诞节是当我们庆祝耶稣的诞生圣诞节是在三个星期。This is a Christmas tree.  We will decorate it.  Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Christmas is in three weeks.

I also used Google Translate to have a little bit of a conversation with her.  We knew from her teacher and her demeanor this week that, for the first time, she was showing evidence of being homesick for China.  I asked her if she missed her family in China and she said yes.  I assured her that they loved her and that we love her, and that we'll be her family forever.  She has spent a lot of time with the video camera that I bought, watching videos from our time in China.  She still doesn't seem to be overly upset by these videos but rather just enjoys seeing them.  We feel pretty fortunate that our transition issues with Jillian have been so minor.


The Limburg Family said...

Great to see she's doing well! I was reviewing some of the video footage from our trip and I found a video of Jillian prior to you guys meeting her! I posted it here for you and Jillian appears around the 40 second mark.

Palmer said...

Hey, aren't you clever! Thanks a lot!

The Limburg Family said...

The next video is when you guys arrived at the Adoption Registry Center of Guangzhou..

Palmer said...

Kind of funny to look at these videos and think that we were there in the same room that day but didn't know each other yet. Glad we ended up connecting.