Saturday, November 17, 2012

Welcome Home!

Jillian's very first plane ride, from Guangzhou to Beijing!  
Note how she got ripped off:  A window seat with no window at all!  
We were sitting on airplanes for about sixteen hours.

A big smile from our new United States citizen, waiting in immigration in Seattle.

Five of a kind!  Jillian meets her new brothers for the first time at PDX.  
She already knew who they were from the photo book we mailed her last month.

Two exhausted girls ready for bedtime in Jillian's new bed.  

You should have seen Jillian's big smile as we introduced her to her new home and bedroom.

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thesleepyknitter said...

Oh, mercy, mercy! So very precious! I love Jillian's wonderful smile and Melody's adorable "Jeepers!" It was fun to see your whole family in action. May God bless you deeply in these months of transition and in these weeks of catching up from your time away.