Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things We Learned

We learned many things today. We learned that a four hour roundtrip from Guangzhou to Shenzhen can take nine hours or more. We learned that in China it is permissible for a driver in heavy traffic on an expressway to simply pull off to the left side--not entirely out of the left lane, mind you--and get out of his car to jump over the guardrail to go to the bathroom in the bushes. We learned that our new daughter gets very car sick. We learned to appreciate the rest areas on US interstates We learned that, when necessary, you can buy an entirely new outfit for said daughter at a sidewalk shop for $13. We learned that Jillian was much loved by her teachers and classmates at the orphanage, and that her foster family cared for her deeply.

Because we are getting back to the hotel about four hours later than expected and still need to pack for tomorrow morning's 6:20 departure, this may be all I get to post tonight. We're dreading the trip tomorrow, but we've enjoyed our time in China. We're comin' home, boys!


Brenda's Babble said...

God Speed and traveling mercies for your trip home!

Fannie said...

Just found your blog! I've been considering a waiting child in Shenzhen, so as your blog pulled up. I'll be following along for the rest of your journey and playing catch up on your blog. Congratulations on getting your daughter, I'll be praying for her and your family as you begin the adjustment.