Thursday, November 08, 2012

Liuhuahu Park

After we went to see the statue of Sun Yat-sen, we went to Liuhuahu Park so the kids could play a little.  I still want to get back to the park over by The China Hotel, which we visited a number of times on our trip to get MelodyJoy, but this one had a lot for us to see and do as well. 

We got to experience a little more of Chinese customs, listening to a man play beautifully on a saw, watching various forms of group exercise and seeing men fishing in the lake. 

Speaking of the lake, Jillian was very eager to go out on a paddleboat.  I was less eager but Jeannette sided with the girl so we plopped down our 40 yuan (plus 50 yuan deposit, in case we didn’t bring the paddleboat back) and clambered aboard a four-seater vessel.  We didn’t get much in the way of pictures but it actually was a lot of fun (and a lot less work than I had feared). 

From there, we went to a play area that you had to pay a few yuan to enter.  Much of the play equipment here is so different from in America . . . a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

Jillian saw the little train that goes around in circles and was, of course, excited to ride it.  The sign said the cost to ride was 2 yuan (32 cents) but when I went to pay, it mysteriously rose to 3 yuan.  But she got to make four full laps for that princely sum. 

And then I had to put her on the little, beat up engine because the name on the side—Jinying—was almost the same as Jillian’s Chinese name: JiYing. 

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