Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Blog

If you've enjoyed reading about our adoption journey, you should check out this adoption blog;  It's written by Dale, a guy we met here in Guangzhou.  He is here by himself, adopting Camillia so she can join her three siblings and their mom in Ohio.  He is doing a great job of writing about the adventure he's on right now. 
We have seen and heard some pretty crazy adoption stories over the last week.  Today we met a family who will be here for over three weeks because they first adopted a little girl from another province and next week will get a second girl from Maoming (where Melody is from).  If I remember what they told me correctly, they have five "bio kids" at home as well as adopted twins from Africa at home already! 

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thesleepyknitter said...

Hey! Enjoying reading your blog! did you meet the Maas family today? They are friends of ours in this area who have just arrived there to adopt two children and will be there for three weeks. If you do happen to meet them again, please say hi for us! :-)