Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Return to Yuexiu Park

Sorry, this post should have appeared before the one titled "Authentic Chinese Cooking" below, but since I can't access Blogspot from China, I can't fix the order.
I've been feeling a little "stuck" in the general vicinity of The Garden Hotel--which is not an awful place to be trapped--so this afternoon we got very adventuresome . . . we borrowed a stroller from the hotel and headed underground. We figured out how to take the Metro from our hotel to Yuexiu Park, which is across the street from the China Hotel, where we stayed at on our last trip. Figuring out how to get around in the subway wasn't too difficult but we had repeated problems with simply figuring out how to get through the entry and exit turnstiles! Our ride was short (just three stops with one transfer) and crowded.

The girls were total troopers, even though we did a ton of walking at the park, which is enormous. Because today was Satuday, it was pretty crowded in the park, too. The highlight probably was a ride called Shark Attack in the little amusement park. The girls did it twice, riding around in circles and shooting streams of water at targets in the center of the ride. I think you can tell they were pretty proud of themselves afterwards.

I would have been very disappointed if we hadn't gotten back to Yuexiu at all (and wouldn't mind visiting one more time even). It was fun to see several places (such as a big banyon tree) where we took photos six years ago with Melody and Jameson. It also felt like a bit of an accomplishment to figure out the Metro. We rewarded ourselves with dinner at Pizzaria Tomatoes, not far from our hotel and then ice cream cone #2 for the day from McDonalds. 

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