Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Early Start

As I mentioned before, we are doing a Both Hands project to raise funds for our adoption expenses. You can learn more at or To put it concisely, a team of volunteers has joined us in fixing up a widow's house and we are seeking sponsors for our day of work with all donations going toward Jillian's adoption.  Our workday is this Saturday but we decided to get an early start this afternoon.  My sister and her husband came down from Seattle to help Jeannette, Jordan and me.

 This is a picture from a few weeks ago, just to give a "before" look at the back porch:

Today, we cleared all the junk out from behind the shed.  We hauled off almost two pick-up loads of garbage and yard waste.

Jamey power washed the driveway and the whole house to prepare for repainting the trim and eaves, and to clean up the siding that we won't be painting.

Jordan took down the house numbers so that we can replace them with something a little more stylish . . .

So we got a good start but Saturday is the big day.  We're expecting to have about two dozen folks working on spreading bark chips, weeding, painting, reroofing the shed and more.  Wilma's very excited!

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