Sunday, July 15, 2012


Jeannette's been on a home improvement kick lately.  She thinks she may be nesting in preparation for Jillian's arrival.  The good news is that she hasn't needed my help very much with any of this, other than access to our credit cards. 

She finally got rid of the dining room set that we bought in December 1985 as we moved into our first house.  The chairs were so rickety, you wondered if they would collapse under you whenever you sat down.  She found the new set on Craig's List for just $75 and it came with seven chairs.  It doesn't match our other furniture perfectly but it'll do a good job for us for the foreseeable future.

She also got Jordan to work repairing my mom's old dining room table, which had a burned spot in the middle.  He filled the hole with Bondo and then sanded it down.  We'll paint the table and chairs to hide his work.

Jeannette's been hard at work in the yard, too, as usual.  I asked her to give brief tours of the back and front of the house so you can see the work she and the kids have done.  She's done some painting, laid a little sod, brought in about three yards of bark chips and more.

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