Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Step Closer to Jillian

We got the following note from our adoption agency today:

I wanted to let you know that your status switched to “in process” on the CCCWA’s secure website today. This means that your dossier documents are now in the reviewing stages. On average, families have received their Letter of Seeking Confirmation around 3-5 weeks from this point.

We tend to be fuzzier on many details related to this adoption process than we should be, but we're thinking that once we have received this letter, which I think is equivalent to the referral we received when we learned that we had been matched with MelodyJoy back in 2006, that we'll get to travel to get Jillian in eight to ten weeks.  I'm trying to confirm this. 
On a side note, I found out tonight that when we are in Guangzhou to complete the adoption, we probably will be staying at The Garden Hotel. Looks pretty sweet.


Julie Jo said...

So excited for you and your family!

Laura and Jamey said...

Didn't you eat there with some other couples after either your shopping trip or medical exam? It looks very familiar for whatever reason.

Palmer said...

@Laura - Don't think so.

Laura and Jamey said...

@Palmer -- Uh, yeah, you did eat there according to my journal. 4/1/06 -- after two-bit Chinese medical exam and trip to Friendship Store for water, etc. Jameson and I had stayed back.