Thursday, June 23, 2011

The New Homestead

A lot of people have asked about our new home in Vancouver so I thought I'd post some photos, some from the multiple listing service and some taken by our realtor. The house has about 2400 square feet and appears to be in a very nice neighborhood. Since all we really know is what we've seen from about 40 pictures and an aerial view on Google maps, we're kind of anxious to see it for ourselves, too.

We are still working through some things related to the inspection, which we hope will be resolved soon to our satisfaction. The house is 14 years old and is about two miles from King's Way Christian School, where we plan to enroll Jameson and MelodyJoy. My commute to Multnomah University should be around 25 minutes. It only has three bedrooms but there's a "bonus room" that we'll put Jordan and Phil in . . . at least until we kick 'em out of the house.


Hannatu said...

You're moving?! To Vancouver, but that can't be Vancouver, Canada because it would be more than a 25 minute commute to Multnomah. Which I assume means you got a job at Multnomah? And I love the house!

Dusty Penguin said...

The house looks beautiful. When do you move? My parents just bought a house in Xenia and will be moving up this coming weekend! We will be moving in with them.

Palmer said...

Hey Nat, we moved in just over a month ago. Starting to feel like home.

That's pretty cool about the new living arrangements. Hope that works out well.

Anonymous said...

Dang - very nice house :-)


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