Saturday, September 18, 2010

Unclear on the Concept of "Clearance"

Today, Jeannette and I spent quite a bit of time at our nearby Kohl's store because they were having a sale and I had an "additional 30% off" coupon. My kind of shopping. I spent most of my time working the clearance racks, where prices were marked 60% to 85% off. Even if you figure the original prices were never "real," by the time you mark them down 70% and then take another 30% off, you have some pretty good deals.

Let me contrast this with something Jameson and I noticed yesterday at Walmart (right next door to Kohl's). We checked out the clearance aisle there. On a shelf, we spotted one lonely Balderdash game. We were pretty tempted . . . it was clearance priced for just $23! How could we pass it up? This was a savings of--hmmm, according to the shelf tag--a whopping 50 cents. On second thought, we didn't have any trouble passing it by. It appears that Walmart doesn't really grasp the concept of "clearance" sales. Walk next door, guys, and take a lesson from your friends at Kohl's.

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