Friday, August 06, 2010

Sightseeing in Madison

We're in Janesville for a few days visiting Jeannette's dad and his wife. Today we left Jordan with Grandpa to work on the house and the rest of us went up to Madison to visit the capitol and zoo. After we made a quick visit to the Indiana capitol last month, we discovered that Jameson enjoys seeing these buildings, so we're probably going to try to hit more of them in the future. In the Wisconsin court of appeals . . .

In the conference room by the governor's office . . .

Jeannette and I were both very impressed by this capitol. Very ornate and fully of rich details. One very neat feature is the way that they designed the capitol to use natural light as much as possible, even putting glass blocks in the marble floors of some hallways to allow light from above to shine into lower levels.

We had lunch at Qdoba--rapidly becoming one of our standby places to eat--and went to the Henry Vilas Zoo. Admission is free and it's a very nice little zoo.

The weather was extremely pleasant today but still a bit warm for the polor bears, who hid inside their cave . . .
Me to Melody: Man, that bear's head is ginormous!
Melody's Response: Yeah, it's even bigger than yours, Dad.

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