Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magnificent Obsession

Jordan's latest obsession, along with the Pontiac Fiero (red, I believe) and disc golf, is his new longboard.

Apparently, in order to do anything very cool on a longboard, such as turn really tight corners, you need to have extremely tough gloves that you can drag along the ground so he spent the last two nights carving up one of Jeannette's old cutting boards and then gluing the pieces to a pair of old gloves to create a homemade version of the gloves the pro's use. He was out testing the gloves on our street today.

He is unhappy that we live in Fort Wayne where there are no hills. I told him he should live in Lincoln with me. He said that was dumb, because Lincoln is even flatter than Fort Wayne. I agreed but noted that after being in Lincoln, he would not complain so much about Fort Wayne.

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