Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

There haven't been any blog posts lately because [a] I have not been in Fort Wayne for the past two weeks and [b] my life is boring. However, life in my absence in Fort Wayne was not boring, highlighted first by the arrival of Miss Melody in kindergarten on August 19.

The fact that the only photos to document this momentous occasion were taken on Mom's cell phone at the last second is evidence of her existence as a fourth child. The fact that there are no photos at all to document Jameson's first day of high school that same morning points to the fact that being the third boy in a family makes you even more of an afterthought than being the youngest child. Oh well.

I think this next photo is of Melody before school a few days ago.

MelodyJoy is enjoying kindergarten, especially the "hot lunch" on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She woke me up yesterday before school and I asked her if she was excited about school.

"Yes, hot lunch today!" she replied.

What was your hot lunch on Wednesday?


I imagine she was the only child in her class to see peas on that tray.

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