Monday, March 01, 2010


Early this morning, Jordan and I drove about two and a half hours north to Ionia, Michigan, to visit the School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT). It's a tiny little school with a primary purpose of training students to repair, build and fly planes on the mission field, though graduates can work for a variety of aeronautics employers.

Jordan's been interested in possibly going into missionary work for a few years and in flying. What we're exploring right now is the idea of Jordan getting licensed to do airframe and powerplant mechanical work, knowing he might be able to later get a pilot's license.
Jordan enjoyed talking with one of the instructors for almost an hour. Below, they're looking at a wing that students can work on to learn how to reconstruct wings. I'll admit that most of their conversation didn't interest me a whole lot, but it was fun to see Jordan talk mechanics and engines and fabrication.
Tomorrow at noon, we have an appointment to check out the aviation mechanics program at Ivy Tech here in Fort Wayne.

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Hannatu said...

Yeah for missionary aviation!