Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dad's Night at Blackhawk Christian Preschool

Last night, I delayed my return to Lincoln in order to attend Dad's Night at MelodyJoy's preschool. We dined on pizza and grapes and tangerines and cookies and milk and Capri Sun. We sat at little tiny tables in little tiny chairs.
It was fun to walk into the classroom and hear all of the children clamor "Melody! Melody! Hi, Melody!" We sat with her good friend Bianca and her dad. At each place at the table had a place mat that included a description of what each child would do if he or she could do anything at all.

Melody's said, "If I could go anywhere in the world with you, I would like to go to the park. I would take Jasper and Sparky. Mom says I can bring Sparky 'cuz he's a pretend dog. I would like to swing high but not too high. Dad would give me a tickle kiss."
I loved reading the place mat from one of her buddies, Aubrey:
"If I could go anywhere in the world with you, I would like to go to Indiana at MelodyJoy's house. I would take some hair things and clips and babies and my baby bed and my baby car seat. You would talk to her mom, and I would play with MelodyJoy."
If there's a camera, Melody has to take some pictures, of course . . .

At the end of the evening, Miss Laurie read us all from a book that the children had written and we sang the tootie tah song.
I didn't get back to Lincoln until about 2:00 AM Eastern (1:00 Central) but it was worth it.

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