Sunday, February 07, 2010

Movin' On Up

MelodyJoy is four years old now and until this week has still been sleeping in her crib-slash-toddler-bed even though she is almost as long as its mattress. Many nights recently, she has ended up in the guest room on the "big bed" and she's been asking for a new bed for quite awhile now, so this weekend Jeannette started playing musical beds in our house. She stole Jameson's bed and moved it into Melody's room and bought some new bedding for it.

This didn't turn out so well for Jameson, of course . . .
Seriously, no, he is not sleeping on the floor. Instead, Jeannette moved Phillip's bed up to Jameson's room. Which means Phillip is now sleeping on Jordan's bed--there's only a top bunk in their room now--and this, I guess, leaves Jordan out in the cold. When he's home, he'll get the guest room or can sleep on a cot in his room. At least until we find another mattress somewhere.

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