Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Sneeze, A Swim and A Snooze

This has been a little bit of a rough week, preparing for two and a half weeks out of the office and coming down with a very nasty cold. MelodyJoy developed a cough and a runny nose early in the week and let's just say that the concept of covering your mouth when you cough didn't come quickly to her. Actually, she did pretty well often . . . with the second cough or sneeze. The first one each time usually went unchecked and more than a few caught me full in the face.

Late this morning, after a long night of thunder and lightning, we headed over to the neighborhood pool. It was my first time there, even though we've lived here for ten months. MelodyJoy's not quite the water rat that her brothers were but she enjoys the pool a lot. Jeannette and Jordan both worked on teaching her how to swim and she's already fairly comfortable dunking her head under the water.

This afternoon was dedicated to napping and packing. Tomorrow I fly to Boston to attend the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Personnel conference at Gordon College. This is always one of the year's highlights for me and I'm looking forward to taking five of my staff members with me, including three who don't start their employment at TUFW until tomorrow.

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