Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Trip to the 'Ville

On Thursday, I drove the boys three hours southeast to Cedarville University. Jordan had previously visited TUFW and both had toured Corban College but this felt like our first "real" college visit, I think, in the sense that it took us to someplace completely new and required some effort on our part to carry out. We decided to check out Cedarville because it offers the majors that both boys are interested. It has ABET-accredited programs in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, which pretty much covers the range of their interests, though Jordan might consider some other majors.

We were very impressed by pretty much everything we saw at Cedarville. It certainly wouldn't be the right place for everyone but it is a realistic option for Phillip and Jordan. Jordan found out that he might be able to continue with tuba and cross country there, though there are no guarantees. He also enjoyed trying out the rock climbing wall and we all got a kick out of the engineering competition we watched, where students built contraptions designed to catch and hold a baseball dropped from about 30 feet up. The campus is very nice (and kind of big, at least on my scale). The batteries in my camera were dead so I can't post any pictures here, unfortunately.

We'll continue to look at college options but I think the boys will probably keep Cedarville on their lists.


dB said...

Hello from Colorado. We also attended the CU-Friday event last week. We were equally impressed. "The 'Ville" is one of the very few Christian schools that offers a fully accredited, serious engineering program. We flew out from Colorado to see. I put some pictures here:

Dusty Penguin said...

Cool. Jeremiah is planning on attending Cedarville in the fall in the mechanical engineering program--unless he decides to do 2 years at comm. coll. to save money then transfer...Erika will also be returning to the Ville in the fall, and my nephew (Nancy's son) started there this year. We make lots of trips there!