Thursday, March 27, 2008

Second Anniversary

Two years ago today, we first met Nan Cai Jing in Guangzhou. (Ignore the date on the first photo below.) The next day, we went to the Civil Affairs office. At the end of two Civil Affairs interviews, we signed a questionnaire and the woman reviewing our file immediately said, “Congratulations, the child is officially yours!” It's hard to remember what life was like before MelodyJoy became a part of our family.

Tonight I picked up take-out Chinese food from Hopsing's for dinner. Not quite the same as what we had in Beijing at Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant, but it was a small way to celebrate the arrival of MelodyJoy Marie in our household. Before we ate, we went around the table and thanked God for bringing her into our lives.

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Anonymous said...

We were still in China two years ago right now. She was a beautiful baby and is a beautiful little girl.


Auntie Laura