Monday, March 17, 2008

Quote of the Week

This week’s quote comes with some background. First the quote:

“Our hearts are laden with sadness, but only for a time. We know where to find you, and we’ll meet you there.”

- Sydney Smith, 10-year-old daughter of pro basketball player and coach, Derek Smith, at her father’s funeral, August 15, 1996

Today, the head of TUFW's management program, Evan Wood, and his wife had to say good-bye to their little girl, Reece. Reece was about three years old and she went through open heart surgery on the 4th. Evan and Lisa surely knew that this needed operation was risky but many of us were naïve on that count. Modern medicine seems able to perform miracles. God performs miracles. No need for concern here, right? After the surgery we learned that some doctors give only a 20% chance of success for the type of procedure that Reece underwent. Well, there was no miracle. Evan and Lisa held Reece today and said good-bye, then let her go.

Please keep the Woods in your prayers, including Reece's siblings, Emi and Callan.

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