Monday, December 10, 2007

TUFW Staff Christmas Party

Last night, we had the Taylor University Fort Wayne admissions staff over for a Christmas party. We didn't deliberately exclude the financial aid staff . . it just turned out that they had a conference in Indianapolis scheduled for today so they bowed out.

My former staffs from Klamath Falls will be quite familiar with the format for this party . . . appetizers provided by the staff, the annual Christmas ornament exchange, followed by cheesecake. Anyway, we had a good time, there was just enough "stealing" of ornaments to keep things interesting (and Jeannette snagged her favorite snowman ornament from the bunch so she's happy) and the food and fellowship both were great.

For Christmas gifts this year, I got each person a CD and I was quite proud of myself . . . At a recent staff meeting, I asked everyone what great new music they had discovered, so everyone threw in some choice that they were enjoying currently. Well, I made note of the different things each person said and then I went to and plugged each artist in. From there, I was able to discover similar artists and so I ordered CD's from that group. For instance, Leo said that he was enjoying listening to Whiskey Falls so I ordered him a Dierks Bentley album while Myka mentioned Michael Buble so she got a Dean Martin CD. I hadn't heard of most of the musicians the staff mentioned so it broadened my musical horizons, too. Anyway, people seemed to like the little personal touch and it was a pretty easy way to do the gifts.

When we moved here, we hoped that our home would be good for entertaining but this was our first real foray into having company over. The house worked out great and I hope we can do more things in the future, maybe with some of our TUFW students.

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