Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday at Home

Today was a pretty lazy Saturday, with Jeannette's dad and his wife in town. I did venture out to Walmart for a package of tortillas and concluded that whoever designed the parking lot there must have been a student of Escher. I'm committed to staying away from that place from now on during peak shopping times. Inside the store was okay but the parking lot was a nightmare!

This morning, Phillip and Jordan started rough housing together so I decided to jump in, and so Jameson had to get in on the act. I was quite pleased to see that I'm still able to put all three of them down pretty easily (though after this they managed to get me down and I really didn't have the energy to shake them all off). Note that Grandma Deb isn't exactly rushing in to help the boys.

We did some early Christmas gifts with Grandpa and Grandma . . .

And MelodyJoy got a new CD of songs to listen to at bedtime (because Jeannette is tired of the old CD).

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