Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Griping and Grandparents, but not Griping Grandparents

I have heard from some so-called friends recently that my blog is not living up to previously established standards for content and currency. To these good people, all I can say is, "Tough Bananas! Start your own blog and try to keep it up while you adjust to a new job, keep tabs on four kids, and try to avoid those really annoying neighbors who will remain nameless but who know who they are and really have no right to criticize another's blogdom."

On a kinder, gentler note, this evening's post features pictures of the grandparents . . .

Grandma Muntz and MelodyJoy

P. Richard Muntz and J. Richard Muntz

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Laura said...

Keep your day job, but you're still hired for this one. Since you didn't condense the pic of Mom & Dad at Winona Lake, I printed it off and mailed it to them.