Saturday, December 16, 2006

On Our Way to the Poorhouse

On our way to the poorhouse, we decided to make another stop at the orthodontist. About a month ago, Jameson had an appliance installed in the roof of his mouth. Every night, we had to use a small instrument to turn a piece of the appliance to widen it and thus widen the roof of his mouth gradually. It's worked amazingly and those teeth that were once so crowded now have gaps, as evidenced by the large black space between his two front teeth.

The appliance is a pain for eating and talking but Jamey's doing okay with it. We no longer have to keep turning it but he'll have to keep it in for another couple of months . . . and then its on to getting those braces.

Contributions may be sent to the Free Jameson's Mouth Fund in care of his parents.

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