Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jordan Gets His First Varsity Letter

Today, they finally got around to having a little awards dessert for the cross country team. Tom and Lisa Shaw hosted it (their son, John, was the only senior on the team and Tom is the head boys basketball coach). While we waited to get started, we played some foosball and Jordan tried his hand at pool. Um, let's just say that it's not a game one picks up quickly:

Unfortunately, a number of the guys weren't there, because we started out with a neat DVD of photos and video from the past season, done by Katie Anderson's mom:

After that, Coach Zach gave each of the team members their awards and made comments about each one. Here he is giving Corey his letter pin. Corey was selected as MVP:

Jordan received the Coach's Award for his dedication to the sport and coachability. Zach said some really nice things about Jordan, such as Jordan was the kind of runner he wants and that he's looking forward to coaching him more over the next two and a half years. When I get a better network connection, I'll try to upload the video here.

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