Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Potpourri

Here's a mix of family photos from the last 48 hours . . .

Last night, Phillip was in a Christmas play at school called "Believe." It was more of a church Christmas musical than a serious production but they always count on him to help anytime there's a production at school. He was pretty unhappy to learn it required singing but glad that "Uncle Bill" was only a small part and so it didn't require much work.

Uncle Bill and Grandpa, Phillip's good friend Nicholas.

We set up the tree yesterday but didn't have time to decorate it. As soon as we got home from church today and put MelodyJoy down for her nap, Jameson started pulling out ornaments. He ended up putting almost all of them on the tree by himself, though Jeannette of course rearranged them and I had to do the top section. I think Jamey was a little disappointed that it wasn't more of a family activity.

Tonight we went to OIT's annual staff Christmas get-together. And by "we," I mean Jeannette, me and the star of the show, Melody. Everyone was anxious to see her, from President Dow on down. She wasn't quite her usual "put on the show" self but she still broke out a few smiles and high fives and blown kisses from her repertoire of cuteness.

As usual, the OIT choir sang. I'm always surprised and impressed at how good they sound. And most choir directors would kill to have the male-female ratio that our group boasts.

I asked Phillip to pose for a picture in front of our tree tonight so that I could show everyone his new glasses.

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