Saturday, November 25, 2006

Scott's Over the Hill and Kathy's Not Far Behind

Since it was so important to Jeannette's brother Scott that Jeannette's 40th birthday be properly recognized, she wanted to be certain that his milestone birthday didn't go unnoticed. Unfortunately, we couldn't be in town when his birthday actually occurred, which might help explain why the belated celebration Saturday night was such a surprise to him.

Scott with his walking stick.

Scott's a cop but after blowing out all those candles,
we needed a fireman instead.

While we were at it, we celebrated Kathy's birthday, too, even though she's much, much younger than Scott.

Kathy's excited to finally have cereal bowls for breakfast. It doesn't take much to make her happy. Which is fortunate for Scott.

We all wore black, but even then MelodyJoy couldn't fake a somber tone.

Being around the Vinje boys brought out
Phillip and Jameson's wrestling genes.

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