Friday, October 27, 2006

Cue the Twilight Zone Music

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know about Melody's "twin," another Maonan baby who we think looks a lot like MJ, at least in some photos. Hallie lives in Northern Virginia now. As we've compared notes with Hallie's mom, there have been a lot of strange coincidences, such as the fact that she also has three brothers, her dad also like Michael Jordan, they bought her identical red squeaky shoes in China and when she was in China right after being adopted, she also clutched onto Kleenex travel packs, and so on.

The latest coincidence relates to these pictures. There's a woman who is putting together a scrapbook of girls who have been adopted from Maonan girls to send to the orphanage, so the nannies can see how their girls are doing now. She asked families to send several photos to put in the book and we sent the picture below (right) of MelodyJoy, Jordan, Phillip and Jameson.

Earlier this week, Hallie's mom got around to sending her pictures in, too, and she got this response from the woman leading the project: "I love the photo of the three boys and Hallie. Adorable! Another family has a very similar photo of their boys and their Maonan daughter, who is just four months older than your daughter!"

Hallie's mom wrote back, ". . . just out of curiosity, is the other family who has a similar photo Palmer Muntz? Just wondering, because we have emailed with them quite a bit and keep finding strange coincidences with our families. I wondered if this is another one." Sure nuff.

Take a look for yourself. Their photo was taken the night that Hallie arrived in Virginia while our was taken about a month later, after MelodyJoy had been home for a couple of months, but still . . . cue the Twilight Zone theme song.


Aunt Laura & Uncle Jamey said...

That's because I totally ripped off their idea. See, June 17. So not so coincidental in this case. Hope I didn't burst a bubble!

Palmer said...

Now cue Paul Harvey: And now you know . . . the . . . rest of the story.

halliesmom said...

So Did Aunt Laura or Uncle Jamey take the picture? That's too funny -- hmm, I wonder if I should sue for copyright infringement.... nah!! I'm still counting it in the "coincidences" department since Kristi over at the Maonan board picked up on the similarities (and the fact that we BOTH decided, unbeknownst to the other, to submit that picture for the scrapbook). Thanks for giving us another special appearance here in Palmer's World. :)

Aunt Laura & Uncle Jamey said...

Aunt Laura is the culprit but she has since changed her name and identity. Her whereabouts are currently unknown so to sue for copyright infringement would only be a waste of time and money. At least she had the guts to admit that she was the guilty party in this parade of "coincidences". She was frustrated in the phototaking process with the vastly differing heighths of the three brothers and sister, thus pulling an unoriginal idea out of her memory bank which led to the aforementioned picture. Thanks, Suzanne!