Saturday, September 30, 2006

Brenna's 2nd Birthday

Tonight we were invited to Brenna Morgan's 2nd birthday party, along with
a crew of other babies here in Klamath County who were
adopted from China in the last year or so.
Brenna's parents, Bob and Tanya, were the first in our circle to adopt.

From left to right: Brenna Morgan (none too thrilled
with the picture-taking process initially), Sophie Lyman, MelodyJoy Muntz,
Mia Dentinger, Maci Hurtado, Kayce Little.
This was our first time meeting Mia, Maci and Kayce.
Mia's and Maci's folks traveled to
China at the same time as our friends, the Mortinsons.
Kayce's older sister, Chelsea, used to work in the admissions office at OIT.

Moms and Daughters.

MelodyJoy in an outfit we brought back from China.

When it was time to go, Sophie gave MJ a goodnight kiss.

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kevin & jennifer gordon said...

hey guys! i was talking on the phone with sarah oliverie and she told me about the updated pix on the yahoo groups page. we were in china in your group-but with the hubei babies; in the lymans group. we're planning to visit the lymans in january-so now hopefully we can see you guys, too! can never have too many 'china baby get-togethers!' anyway, here's our baby, myah's blog...
you guys look great; isn't God so awesome! can't believe we're going on 7 months from being in china!
see you in january! kevin and jennifer gordon